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We are committed to ensuring you have a safe journey

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Saddlebag Shuttles was set up by Horizon Horseback, a company that has been bringing international clients into South Africa since 1993.  Horizon's clients are mainly either single travelers, who are often nervous about their first trip to South Africa, or families who want only the best drivers for their family's journey.  Horizon was unable to get the quality of driver and service they wanted for its own clients and so Saddlebag Shuttles was set up to fill the need of a superior transfer service.


We have a great team of people ready to help make your journey part of your holiday. Our drivers are all hospitality and advanced defensive driving trained. When we interview potential drivers, we have two criteria in mind:  Would I like this man / woman to drive my children to school? Would I enjoy being stuck in an elevator for three hours with him?!



We consider a transfer as the start of someone's holiday to South Africa. Therefore, the experience must be pleasurable and stress free. Our drivers are willing to share their knowledge and experiences of South Africa with guests if they so wish, and similarly they are happy to let you sleep if you've had  along journey.



Each member of our team is experienced and trained in defensive driving and advanced driving.




Our fleet of vehicles is well maintained and all vehicles are spotless (despite the odd speck of mud if traveling on dirt roads).




The office team, Unica, Joshua and Laura are very efficient and willing to help with your booking and transfer at any stage.


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